Upgrading from Auto-Align to Auto-Align 2 requires an active Auto-Align (1) iLok license.
If you own a pre-iLok legacy version of Auto-Align, please follow these steps before purchasing an upgrade license for Auto-Align 2.

1. Login to your personal User Area.
2. Enter your available redeem code into the 'New License Activation' box and click 'Redeem'.
Your license code will be displayed below the 'New License Activation' box.
3. Enter your iLok account ID and your iLok account's email address and click 'Redeem' again.

4. After you've redeemed this license code, you can visit our Online Shop and purchase an upgrade license from Auto-Align to Auto-Align 2.

For a detailed guide on how to redeem and activate your Auto-Align 2 license code, please refer to this support article:

* Please make sure to use the same iLok account throughout the upgrade process.

If you need any further assistance, please contact us at support@soundradix.com

Happy Alignment!