OpenGL is a cross platform way of moving drawing to the GPU.

While it has huge performance gains it could also lead to incompatibles.


Muteomatic by default uses OpenGL.

Since version 1.0.1,

You can disable OpenGL by setting a flag file.


  1. Open a new Explorer window. (file manager).
  2. Go to %PUBLIC%\Documents\Sound Radix\Muteomatic.
  3. Right click within the folder and select New > Text Document.
  4. Name your text-document as "Muteomatic.txt"
  5. Double click on it and save the following text into to it: DO_NOT_USE_OPEN_GL
  6. Save the document.

Next time you'll open Muteomatic it'll open without utilizing OpenGL.

To get OpenGL back on you can simply remove the text-file.


  1. Open /Applications/Utilities/Terminal
  2. Copy and paste the following:

  3. echo DO_NOT_USE_OPEN_GL > /Users/Shared/Sound\ Radix/Muteomatic/Muteomatic.txt

To get OpenGL back on you can write the following the terminal: 

  • rm /Users/Shared/Sound\ Radix/Muteomatic/Muteomatic.txt