Some old machines aren't coping well with OpenGL.

You can make POWAIR not use OpenGL by setting a flag file.


  1. Open a new Explorer window. (file manager).
  2. Go to %PUBLIC%\Documents\Sound Radix\POWAIR.
  3. Right click within the folder and select New > Text Document.
  4. Name your text-document as "POWAIR.txt"
  5. Double click on it and save the following text into to it: DO_NOT_USE_OPEN_GL
  6. Save the document.

Next time you'll open POWAIR it'll open without utilizing OpenGL.

To get OpenGL back on you can simply remove the text-file.


  1. Open /Applications/Utilities/Terminal
  2. Copy and paste the following:

  3. echo DO_NOT_USE_OPEN_GL > /Users/Shared/Sound\ Radix/POWAIR/POWAIR.txt

To get OpenGL back on you can write the following the terminal: 

  • rm /Users/Shared/Sound\ Radix/POWAIR/POWAIR.txt