Step 1: Create an iLok Account and download iLok License Manager 

(You can skip this step if you already have an iLok account and installed the latest iLok License Manager for your system.)

To run 32 Lives V2, you'll need a free iLok account and the iLok License Manager application. To create an account and download the iLok License Manager, please visit

Important! Please make sure to fully complete activation of your iLok account and installation of the iLok License Manager before attempting to redeem your new license in the User Area.

Step 2: License Redemption

To redeem your new license, log-in to your User Area, enter the license redeem code into the New License Activation box and click Redeem



You'll then be prompted to enter your iLok Account ID and email address. Click Redeem again and your license will now be deposited in your iLok account and your product download will now appear in your account. 

Download and run the 32 Lives V2 installer and proceed to the next step. 


Step 3: iLok Activation

After redeeming your 32 Lives V2 license in your User Area and installing 32 Lives V2, you will be prompted to activate your 32 Lives V2 license when launching a resurrected plug-ins for the first time.


Click Activate. In the next step, enter your iLok account ID and password and click next. 


Select your 32 Lives V2 license and click Next.


Select your preferred device to store your 32 Lives V2 license onto, click Next and you're done.

Important!: If you've selected to authorize your machine's drive, deactivate your machine before upgrading or retiring it to move your license back to your iLok Account.