Virtual Guitarist 2 is still considered very useful by some.

Sadly it has been discontinued and requires some "tricks" in order to make it run.

Latest Mac OS Tested for this article: 10.12.2 / 32 Lives 2.0.1

Steps for Installation:

Here are our insights:

1. Copy Virtual Guitarist 2 Content folder from the CD to /Library/Application Support/Steinberg

from Finder choose Go menu and "Go To Folder..." and enter /Library/Application Support (create new folder Steinberg

2. Install latest Universal Binary version as follows (from latest update Installers):

right click the package and choose "Show Package Contents".

3. copy all the separate installers for VST/AU/Standalone from:


4. Install them one by one...

5. IMPORTANT: Make sure you're using the latest eLicenser from

6. Copy and edit the plist provided below to /Library/Preferences (or create one as advised here)

7. Resurrect the Virtual Guitarist from 32 Lives.

8. Launch Logic / AU Host. (make sure you Synchrosoft dongle is connected)

Virtual Guitarist should be resurrected now!

*If you're getting error messages (Synsoacc.bundle could not be located, or Synsoacc.bundle does not have the expected interface) try installing the earlier version of eLicenser (eLicenser Control Center from here:

Scroll down until you reach 'Alternative versions for support purposes'.