We work hard to improve our products striving for stability.

In order to analyze an issue, modern operating systems provide some logging with details:

- Mac Users
When a DAW (Logic, Reaper, Studio One, etc..) crashes you'll see a dialog box, with the opportunity to manually retrieve the crash report text;

Simply select the text, highlight it all using keyboard shortcut Cmd+A (this will ensure that all the text is copied - as there may be several pages worth), and then open 'Applications -> TextEdit'. Copy (CMD+C) and paste (CMD+V) the report here, and choose 'File --> Save'. Save the document in the file format 'Rich Text Document'.

Please submit your crash report (attached in the .log or .rtf file) along with a description of what you did or were doing at the time of crash when starting a help request - with as much information as possible. You might just be providing the reproduction steps for something we were previously unable to reproduce.

- 32 Lives Users
32 Lives uses a wrapper and the agent (where the actual plug-in runs in 32 bit).
To provide 32 Lives log you should do the following:
From Applications\Utilities.
Open Console application.
Under DIAGNOSTIC AND USAGE INFORMATION check within "User Diagnostic Reports" & "System Diagnostic Reports" for 32 Lives.

Right click on the crash report and choose "Reveal In Finder", attach the .crash log with your report.

- Windows Users
From Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 onwards Microsoft introduced Windows Error Reporting or WER. Crash dumps are being stored temporarly in:


(you can simply copy the above line and paste it into your explorer window).
Look for the latest relevant crash dump (.dmp) and send it to us.

 - Pro Tools users

If you're prompted by Pro Tools to save a crash log file. set an informative name and send us the .crash file.

In addition to crash logs and details of steps you've made to cause the issue and any additional information would help us to reproduce it in house and find a resolution or provide advice.

Thank you!