To activate a full 14-day trial, you'll need a free iLok account and the iLok License Manager application. If you haven't already, point your browser to!registration to create an account and download the application. No iLok device required.

Important! Please make sure to fully complete the activation of your iLok account and installation of the iLok License Manager before moving on to the next step.

Run the plug-in installer you've downloaded from the Downloads page, and when it's done, launch your DAW.

At launch, the following window will appear and will prompt for an authorization:

Click on the 'Try' button and the following window will appear:

Select Auto-Align and click 'Next'

Select the activation location for your trial license and click 'Next'

The iLok activation software will notify you of successful activation. Click 'Continue' to complete the activation. The newly installed plug-in will now appear in your DAW's plug-ins menu.