If you're experiencing issues with TC PowerCore running with 32 Lives, a clean install of the latest PowerCore drivers v4.4.3 may help get PowerCore running again.

To cleanly install TC PowerCore drivers please try this:

  1. If you're already resurrected your PowerCore plug-ins, launch 32 Lives, select your PowerCore plug-ins and click Unwrap. Quit 32 Lives.
  2. Launch the Disk Utility application from /Applications/Utilities, select your System HD, click Repair Disk Permissions and restart your Mac
  3. Download the latest PowerCore drivers version 4.4.3 here (under 'Apps'): https://www.tcelectronic.com/p/HE136/Downloads#googtrans(en|en)
  4. Run PowerCoreQuench.pkg, click Continue then click Install to completely Uninstall existing PowerCore drivers from your machine. Uninstalling PowerCore does not remove any of your additional licenses.
  5. Restart your Mac and run the PowerCoreInstaller4.4.3.pkg to freshly install PowerCore drivers and restart your Mac.
  6. Launch 32 Lives, select your PowerCore plug-ins and click Resurrect
  7. From the 32 Lives Utilities menu, select Clear Logic Pro X AU Cache
  8. Launch Logic Pro X.

Logic will now run the AU Validation tool for all existing plug-ins and may take some time. If some plug-ins fail validation on the first run, open logic's Audio Units Manager, select the plug-ins that didn't pass validation and click Reset & Rescan Selection.