• Make sure your plug-ins are resurrected.
    In order for plug-ins to be available in 64bit they should be resurrected.
    To resurrect them, open the 32 Lives manager app (from /Applications folder).
    See if the plug-in you're looking for is indeed resurrected.
    Right-click it to show in finder and make sure it has a counterpart file with 'Plug-In Name x64' & 32 Lives icon.
  • If you're using BlueCat PatchWork and a 64bit host. make sure you're selecting the counterpart x64 version and not the 32bit one.
  • Are you using some cleaning/performance utility apps such as CleanMyMac?
    Make sure 32 Lives Agent app isn't disabled under LaunchAgents.
  • Try creating a new macOS User from System Preferences -> Users & Groups.