Pro Tools 2024.6.0 supports Auto-Align Post 2 as an ARA plugin.

Please make sure you've installed the latest Auto-Align Post 2.2 (or newer) from the Downloads page to use AAP ARA in Pro Tools.

Here's how to use Auto-Align Post 2 ARA in :

1. Select all the tracks you'd like to align by clicking on the track's name in the Edit Window.

You can click on the first track, hold 'Shift', and click on the last one - all the tracks between will also be selected.

Hold 'Command' (mac) / 'Ctrl' (Windows) and click to add single tracks.

2. Hold 'Option' (mac) / 'Alt' (Windows) + 'Shift', click on the Elastic Audio Properties menu of any of the selected tracks, and select Auto-Align Post.

3. In the AAP's view, select the clips you’d like to align.

4. Click the blinking “SET REF” on the tracks header to the left of the track that those clips should be referenced (aligned) to.

5. Further tweaking can be done by selecting relevant clips and switching the alignment modes (static/dynamic, spectral/polarity).

6. Once the session is ready towards the next stage in production (meaning no more edits/conforms/updates are heading your way), from the Elastic Audio dropdown, set the selection to None (remove the ARA), and choose “Commit” to print it.

Auto-Align Pots's manual can be found here:

If you're not seeing AAP AudioSuite after installing AAP 2.2, check out this support article: