Drum Leveler includes several presets for VST2 (fxb/fxp), Audio Unit (aupreset) & Pro Tools AAX/RTAS (tfx).

Unfortunately, some hosts do not support the fxb preset format.
We are aware of the situation and hope to include support in a future release.

Currently, you may download the presets in .vstpreset and .tfx format from here.

In order to add presets, unzip the relevant presets file to:

  • Windows XP
    My Documents/VST3 Presets/Sound Radix/
  • Windows 7 and above
    Users/*Your Username*/Documents/VST3 Presets/Sound Radix/
  • Mac OS X 
    ~/Users/(user name)/Documents/Pro Tools/Plug-In Settings/Drum Leveler/

 For Pro Tools use the 'Factory Presets.zip' file